Wednesday, 8 November 2017

2017 Maniakalani Film Festival - Hitamotamo

We proudly present our entry for the 2017 Maniakalani Film Festival.



Huriata said...

This is Huriata from Tamaki Primary school.
I really liked your film and it was entertaining to watch. Something a really liked was the song, and how well your dance was choreographed. Who made the dance/ where did you learn it from? I also wish to do the dance.

Sandra Muthoo said...

Ka pai SPI class! I enjoyed watching you perform, all of you were amazing.

Kathy Williamson said...

Woohoo that was awesome to watch, everyone participated , I thought you were all amazing, keep it up. Thank you for sharing this with us at Pt England school and the whole of Manaiakalani. Alex I am very proud of you.

Ethan said...

I like your haka and the stick stomping
I miss you guys

By ethan said...

Hi Sylvia Park Intermediate school
We love your haka because we like your haka.
And I hope you have a good day for all our school

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