Monday, 1 September 2014

Baldric Chan-Finalist for IHC ART AWARDS 2014 @ Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington

Baldric @ Te Papa Museum on Earthquake Simulator in Wellington

Baldric with the Judge

Timothy Wong's Art Work on Display

Family Meal Time

Baldric's Art on Poster @ Michael Fowler Centre


Geara said...

Hello Baldric, Congratulations on your "Highly Commended" effort for your wonderful presentation at the Michael Fowler Centre. I love this piece of artwork. Hello Raj.
What impressive, hard but fun work you have show-cased here. I particularly love your work around the Fiji culture as my husband came from there. The dances, dress ups and coconut pictures are wonderful.

Sandra Muthoo said...

Congratulations Baldric on a fantastic effort, you are a highly talented young man...I hope you continue to develop your artistic skills. Well done.

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